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I will show you how to Raise your Love Signal and get YOU, The Ultimate Love Connection.

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Navigating your Path to Lasting Love

90 min session

$ 225

Because sometimes we just don’t understand what we’re doing wrong and why we aren’t’ attracting the love and partner we desire! In this session, I will help you gain clarity on those reasons through an intake form you will fill out prior to the session. We will also identify the habits and patterns that keep you from attracting the right partner. By the time our call is done, you will have great clarity on your next steps to achieve your relationship goals.

Elevate Your Dating Game and Online Profile

45 min 1:1 session

$ 75

Dating isn’t’ always a fun journey, and it can be a lot of work! (I know!) In this 1:1 45min session I’ll help you create a standout dating profile that reflects your authentic self; selecting the perfect photos to crafting an engaging bio, you'll master the art of standing out in the digital dating world. You'll also learn valuable strategies to help manage your time efficiently ensuring your dating efforts are well-spent to make sure you have a dating journey that leads to genuine connections. Whether you're new to the dating scene or seeking to enhance your approach, this session will help you thrive in the world of dating and beyond.

Relationship maintenance

3 x 60mins 1:1 session

$ 550

Is your relationship facing challenges or feeling distant? Whether your newlyweds or celebrating decades together, 'Relationship Maintenance' equips you with the tools to sustain and deepen your love story so that it endures. I will help you reignite intimacy, enhance communication, and navigate conflicts with grace. You will learn the skills to nurture a resilient and harmonious partnership. Your love story deserves this investment!

1:1 10 week Coaching Intensive (only by application)

1:1 10x -60 min Sessions

This transformative experience is your stepping stone to getting you the guidance and insights you need to attract and maintain a fulfilling, enduring partnership. In the 10 weeks together, we will uncover and heal limiting beliefs that have hindered your love journey. We'll transform these barriers into empowering beliefs, allowing you to cultivate self-love and unshakable confidence. We’ll get you to identify your goals, values, and non-negotiables, to create your personalized roadmap to transform your dreams into a reality. You will learn everything it takes to transform your love life like you never thought possible.


This is the what I would like to start off with…the most important being the #1 bullet point/linking Masterclass to emails etc as it’s scheduled for August 28th. If you could also inquire about the the option of uploading videos to Godaddy as in the next couple weeks, I will be sending you the courses to set up the official funnel. I need to know if we can do it through GoDaddy, or if I will have to record it via Zoom and then send it to them. I’ll have tons of more work for you 😊

I will show you how to Raise your Love Signal and get YOU, The Ultimate Love Connection.
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10 week Coaching Intensive (only by application)

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